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AUMotorsports.com Is Proud to carry the full line of 034 Motorsports products.

AudiUnderground.com Is Proud to carry the full line of 034 Motorsports products.  A legenday name in the Audi Tuning industry and we are grateful at the chance to work with and offer their products for sale. Here is a little bit about 034 in their own words.

About 034

In 1998 Javad Shadzi, the founder of 034EFI, was involved in tuning Audi 5-cylinder motors with CIS mechanical fuel injection systems. Being limited by the lack of tune-ability of the CIS system, and the performance limits it placed on creating power output past the 250hp mark, he began researching solutions to allow the true potential of the fundamentally good 5-cylinder platform. After researching many CIS modification options, he determined that electronic fuel injection was the best way to tune the 5-cylinder, and any other engine to its maximum potential.

The solution involved an ultra fast and powerful 32-bit Motorola processor, the most powerful ignition and fuel injector PWM drivers available, and a flexible, easy to use software interface backed by intricate algorithms.

Today, 034EFI is one of the premier fuel injection and engine management developers in the Audi/Volkswagen market and beyond. The flagship ECU model, the 034EFI Stage IIc, features fully programmable coil-per-cylinder, degree based ignition with sequential staged fuel injection, closed-loop oxygen sensor and idle control, launch control, turbo anti-lag, boost control, data-logging and many, many other features. Constant development means more innovative features in the future and an ever competitive product to whatever comes along.

Due to an ever expanding line of product and innovation for more than just engine management, the company is now called 034Motorsport. As was the company's genesis, 034Motorsport is committed to creating engine management and motorsport solutions for your project application.

About 034

The "automotive aftermarket industry", like any industry, is filled with companies that operate for many different reasons. Some companies are a machine for profit, ie: Capital is invested into product categories that are in demand by a large enough, and accessible enough, portion of the market, in order to create a return on investment [profit] after the overhead costs.

Some companies are created by individuals who were a good mechanic or engineer, who have a skill for developing product, but their lack of business or marketing skill prevent the company from ever creating the value that larger, well thought out business plans create - economies of scale, diversified input, a thriving organization, innovation and efficiencies. They remain small, quirky product suppliers that struggle to ever create real value or innovation that ultimately benefit the end customer (the whole point of any company!).

034Motorsport is founded in a passion for the product, passion that drives development to high levels of refinement, and pushes innovation to levels that force others to imitation.

The goal at 034Motorsport is apply our passion, experience, skill, capital, resources and proprietary network of suppliers to create innovative, essential products for building the highest level of automotive performance. We are not simply a "distributor or reseller" of manufactured products (there are plenty of other companies doing that already). Our intent will always be to develop, manufacture and offer products that make us excited to unlock the doors everyday and put in 12 hour days that are essential to running a leading-edge business.